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Merry ShiVa Christmas 2014

Dear ShiVa Community,
we wish you all a happy Holiday time and a successful 2015! May your hopes and dreams for the New Year come true while making great games and applications with ShiVa.
We had hoped our Christmas Blog this year would happen under better circumstances. After the successful release of ShiVa 1.9.2 last year around Christmas time, we wanted to bring you a hugely updated beta of 2.0 same time this year. Then two weeks ago, our main server was attacked and subsequently shut down to prevent data theft. The hackers seemed to have a pretty good December, with servers of e.g. Sony and phpBB suffering attacks and shutdowns as well. We are relieved to tell you that apparently none of our crucial databases were stolen or damaged. Since we do neither store clear text passwords nor credit card/bank account information on our servers, you will be happy to hear that your personal information would be safe in any case.
The real shame with our server incident is the loss of time we have suffered – and we are still spending most of our time doing server work that would not have been necessary otherwise. This manpower is missing elsewhere – in other words, the planned 2.0 beta Christmas update is delayed into late January.
Website in Progress
We have planned to move to a new, more capable and modern server for 2.0 for quite some while. Our new asset store is already running on the new hardware, and we are very happy with the performance and enhanced security it offers. We had prepared a new framework for the 2.0 website and wanted to finish and bring online in time for the 2.0 Editor release, which we did not expect this December. After the unfortunate surprise with our old main server and the subsequent termination of our online services, we had to make a quick decision: Either having no website at all, or bring online what we have so far from the 2.0 portal and gradually extend our services as we go along. We went for the latter.
We have worked incessantly over the last weeks to complete the essential ShiVa online services, which means you will be able to take advantage of a faster and nicer forum, a brand new bug tracker, better online support and the new 2.0 online documentation, all of them running on much more modern servers:
The developer forum is online again and can be reached at, where your previous posts and existing accounts are waiting for you. A new visual style and several usage improvements await you, while others like forum-wide search are still in development. Your old avatar pictures could not be saved, please re-upload them when you got the time.

Our new documentation pages are featured on Enjoy better categories, cleaner search, and new APIs like Editor Functions, Editor Constants, and ModuleXML. Several tutorials from the old community WIKI have been reworked and adapted for the new documentation for easy access. We are constantly adding new samples and tutorial to the docs, so keep your eyes open.
We have a brand new bug tracker based on Mantis for our 2.0 licensees. It will help us get to your requests faster by organizing reports very efficiently. If you have not already done so, please sign up at You will need a valid 2.0 Basic or Advanced license to sign up, ShiVa Web users please continue to use the forum.
There are several other nice new additions to our developer area. Apart from a new WIKI, we have also revamped the Knowledge Base and the support ticket booth
ShiVa 1.9.2 is still an important part of our services, so we have integrated a legacy area into the new website. If you need to activate, reactivate or migrate a ShiVa 1.9.2 license, you can do so from This is also the place where you can download ShiVa 1.9.2 installers, access the legacy WIKI, as well as find other useful download links.
Development Continues
The ShiVa 2.0 beta update will eventually arrive in January, just not this Christmas. We will be pushing the update through the old beta portal,, which we have ported 1:1 to the new server, with all your accounts and reports still intact. Since OSX Yosemite has rendered our auto update script useless, you will have to download the full installer again.
The new update will consist of several new modules, the most important one being the Code Editor and Module Explorer, which will enable you to write custom ShiVa 2.0 editor modules. ShiVa 2.0 beta will gain game playback capabilities, so you can test your game in 2.0 before exporting. Literally thousands of new commands await you in 3 new API categories: Editor Functions, Editor Constants and ModuleXML tags. Engine-wise, there will be a Windows engine update (64 bit support), massive HTML5 improvements (gamepad support, IE11 support, performance), and WinRT will receive HTTP and network and possibly XAML support. iOS 8, Xcode 6 and Yosemite will be officially supported and support 64bit builds, so you will be safe from Appleā€™s universal binary deadline on February 2015. In emergency cases, you can contact us via mail and request a 64bit engine build before the official update.
If you need to activate, reactivate or migrate a ShiVa 1.9.2 license, you can do so from If you are interested in purchasing a new 1.9.2 license, which of course includes the free 2.0 upgrade, please contact us directly via mail or support ticket.
Existing ShiVa 2.0 licenses are not affected from the server outage. They can be managed as usual through the 2.0 Editor betas which are tied to asset store accounts on
A Sneak Peek at February
We will try to keep the transition period as short as possible and hope for your understanding during this difficult time. Do not hesitate to contact us through our new mail server or the support ticket booth if you have questions regarding the coming weeks.
We are having a number of very exciting announcements in the pipeline for the time after January. Without spoiling too much, we are virtually certain you will be really thrilled about the things we have geared up for you. Not only on your local computer grid, but in the cloud as well. Keep your eyes open!
Best regards and Happy Holidays
The ShiVa Development Team

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