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New ShiVa3D, new features

The Stonetrip team is hard at work on the next iteration of ShiVa3D. Following the major release that was v1.9, the next step up, v1.9.1, will include some new features which didn’t make it for the main 1.9 release. Due to go live in spring 2011, ShiVa3D v1.9.1 will include:
*The ability to merge projects, so that two different assigned projects can be easily assimilated into a single one, using a tool similar to Winmerge but available to merge scene, model, hud, etc, not only text files.
*Synchronisation is now bound with SVN, so you will be able to lock file, checkin, checkout directly from the data explorer.
*Integration of an AI debugger, to add break point, watch runtime variables.
We’ll be posting more details on these and other features of ShiVa3D 1.9.1 on the blog in the next few weeks.

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