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ShiVa 2.0 Beta 2 released

We are very happy to announce that ShiVa 2.0 beta 2 has been released today! It comes with several new modules, a first version of our new Editor API with thousands of new functions and constants, engine updates and tons of bug fixes.
As with the last beta, we encourage our users to download the update and report every bug they can find to our new bug tracker page,
The update will be delivered to registered beta users and 2.0 licensees through our 1.9. beta portal on where you will find all download links and a detailed changelog. Please uninstall the old beta before getting the new version to avoid incompatibilities.

Editor Highlights

The new beta ships with several new modules, the most important ones being the Code Editor, Console/Log, and parts of the the Game Editor which will enable you to playtest your games inside 2.0 before exporting. But our biggest update is the feature most of our developers have been waiting for: the Module Explorer, which allows anyone to write great custom modules for the Editor, extend the ones we ship, and make game development even easier.

Make me a Module

Editor Modules are the greatest innovation in ShiVa 2.0 yet. They are written in Editor Lua and moduleXML. Thousands of new commands await you in 3 new API categories: Editor Functions, Editor Constants and ModuleXML tags, all of which allow you to create great looking, versatile and powerful tools for your game. And all you need to make new modules comes with ShiVa already!
We have assembled some sample modules on our store that accompany the tutorial on the documentation pages. They show you how to implement basic controls, load files and templates, connect the interface to the new Lua API and thus make it very easy to get into the new module world.

Engine Evolution

The update ships with new 64bit versions of our standalone Windows and iOS engines. Since Apple is enforcing universal (32/64bit) binaries on their mobile OS starting February 1st, the update is mandatory for every iOS developer. Our HTML5/WebGL engine has received a huge boost too: It now supports IE11, gamepads, sports much better performance, handles canvas resizing, and receives/sends events from and to javascript on the web page itself, for which a tutorial will follow shortly.

Next betas

If you are a ShiVa 2.0 licensee and would like to help us finding bugs, please go to our 1.9. beta portal on and report your findings and suggestions on the new bug tracker page,
Now that our current Editor APIs and moduleXML are finalized, ShiVa 2.0 development should pick up considerable speed. The next beta updates are not far away, and as you have seen from previous screenshots, many more modules are already in development and mostly functional. The next months should get very exciting. Stay tuned!

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