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ShiVa News for Spring 2019

For the last few weeks, we have made significant changes to our online services, servers, licensing system, beta program and store. Learn what’s new in the world of ShiVa for Spring 2019!

New servers

We recently moved our online services to new servers. In addition to the URLs,, and – which of course most of you already know – we will increasingly use, which connects directly to our new high bandwidth file server, which hosts all the downloads for ShiVa releases, betas, as well as the new licensing system. Unfortunately, this change in the licensing system requires everyone to update their ShiVa 2.0 beta installations.

New Licenses, new Builds

Every few weeks, ShiVa connects to our licensing server in order to renew its activation. Since our licensing server moved, ShiVa is no longer able to validate your license. ShiVa 2.0 beta 9 and all DRs before May 2019 will ask you for re-activation soon, but will not be able to connect to the old license server, even if you enter the correct credentials. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to patch this problem, so we had to make a new ShiVa build. Everyone will have to download the current beta DR form our new beta website. Builds exist for Windows (64bit_DR20190518.exe) and macOS (DR20190531.dmg), while Linux users will have to wait for the next full beta release.

Beta 10 is coming soon

A new validated release, ShiVa 2.0 beta 10, is on the way and should hit the beta download page in the coming weeks. Naturally, this release will connect to the new license server automatically. Beta 10 will also ship with the long-awaited 64bit build of our Android engine, include a Linux build, and contain the usual assortment of editor bugfixes. Until this release becomes available, please use the lates DRs we provide.

Spring Cleaning on

We have made a few adjustments to our main website and blog, The site now defaults to a secure HTTPS connection. Several pages have been updated in order to reflect the new location of files and services. The layout has been optimized to make better use of large screens, so users of 1440p and ultrawide monitors should have a much better viewing experience.

Changes for Developers

Several changes have been made to our developer portal, which we believe will cut down on unnecessary accounts, and make our team spend less time on management and more on helping you, our customers.

The phpbb-based forum has been put into read-only mode and moved to our file server. You can still search its contents for solutions at In its place, we are now offering a StackOverflow-inspired question2answer-solution, which you can reach through the old forum link We believe this format is much more suitable to find solutions to your coding problems quickly and easily. In order to keep spam and ad bots out, we will be relying on external authentication providers. At the moment, we are supporting Google logins, but more will come down the road, like Facebook or PayPal. There will no longer be a separate ShiVa forum account for you to manage.

As many of you know, our team has an internal bugtracker. When we made the ShiVa 2.0 beta accessible to all our licensed customers, we opened a second, public bugtracker exclusively for our testers. As time went on, many testers skipped the public tracker and reported bugs directly to us via Slack, which then ended up on our internal tracker. We also moved important issues from the public tracker to the internal tracker in order to have all bug reports in one place. These two things combined made the public tracker largely irrelevant. Going forward, we will no longer be maintaining 2 trackers. If you wish to submit a bug report, please use the new forum categories forum/possible-bug or forum/definite-bug, contact us via Slack, or send us an e-mail.

Our support systems in general have been streamlined. The ShiVa3D Slack channel has been a big success and largely replaced the forum as a place to ask questions and receive quick support by both the community and us developers. And instead of using the ticketing system, our customers have been contacting us directly via e-mail. Going forward, we will reduce our support systems to the 3 most effective ones: Slack, the new forum, and direct e-mail support. All other systems are either being removed or put into read-only mode to keep their content as a searchable reference.

The Beta portal has been modified again too. In February 2019, we phased out the old StoneTrip beta page in favor of a download widget which pulled either the most recent stable beta release or the most current DR build onto your computer. Starting immediately, we are combining the beta downloads with the new licensing system, decoupling everything from Beta logins are now the same as your license logins. The beta download page now offers you a full table of releases instead of just the most recent one, in case you need to roll back your installation.

Moving from to GitHub

Unfortunately, our vision for the ShiVa 3D Store did not work out. Instead of a busy marketplace with dozens of 3rd party sellers, the store evolved mostly into a free software repository for plugins as well as community contributions.

We realize that there are much better ways of hosting free and open source software. Starting this month, we are moving all our free plugins, samples and demo builds from the store onto GitHub. You can find us at, or simply visit our self-updating page at will eventually wind down. When the migration of our content is complete, we will notify all 3rd party sellers with open balances and pay them out, after which the site will go offline. If any of you 3rd party sellers want to join us and open-source your products together with our own on GitHub, please let us know!

We have decoupled the ShiVa registration from the ShiVa Store. You can now create and manage your accounts – including ShiVa 1.9.2 – from the new licensing system website.

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