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The ShiVa Store – Public Beta

We are very happy to announce that the long-awaited ShiVa Store has just opened for public BETA testing. This means that everyone is invited to register at, browse the products available and buy content for your ShiVa projects. This BETA release features the first wave of StoneTrip-made plugins, fantastic 3D packages by Dexsoft Multimedia, the entire PanozK Sound Library as well as products made by several ShiVa Professionals from our community. More plugins and content from our premium partners will come in time. When we get out of the BETA stage, our customers will have a wide selection of professional and high quality content to choose from. No matter if you need a well designed and flawlessly animated model, a great material for your scene, a plugin for social network websites or a great ambient music track: There will be a package for everyone.

Seamless Integration

Content stores on the Internet usually sell their assets in a variety of formats. While this is not a big problem when you are dealing with textures or sounds, it can be a real hassle to convert models, especially if they are animated. With our store, these problem will be a thing of the past. The ShiVa Store is a STE store. That means, adding the content you just purchased to your ShiVa project is literally a matter of 5 clicks. No more conversion tools. No more frustration.
Still, we are open to new ideas and content that does not necessarily fit into an STE archive, that is why we have introduced a second product category into our store: Tools for ShiVa. Those EXE files are application that help ShiVa developers create, port or enhance their ShiVa-generated application and/or the creation workflow. If you have created such a Tool, you can sell it on our store as well.

Prepare your Own Content

Everyone is invited to the store. Everyone can use the content we host, even our customers who only work with the Free Web Edition of ShiVa. And if you have created something cool in ShiVa on your own, you can become a seller on the store yourself! All you need is a great product idea and the free Web Edition of ShiVa that you can download from our website, That’s right, there are no setup fees, no signup fees for the store, no, you do not even need to pay for the tool that allows you to convert all your content into STE packages! The only limit is your imagination.

Why Beta? Can I buy and sell packages today?

We at StoneTrip are known for our expertise when it comes to cross-platform Engine Development and Tool Programming, but the collaborative e-market business is a new experience for us. We have taken great care and put a lot of time and effort into the store. Though we tried to think of everything, our large customer base is likely to discover some initial minor issues that will be fixed as soon as possible while the store is in beta. is fully functional. We invite everyone to create customer and seller accounts, package their assets and sell them on our marketplace. You will receive payments and everybody with a great product idea can participate.
We deeply trust in the current state of our store. For the launch lineup, we uploaded over a dozen great plugins made by ourselves, and more are to come soon.

Becoming a Seller

If you are a Content Creator yourself, you can create your own STK and EXE packages and upload them to the store. Everything you need to know to do that is described on our official Store Documentation Page
The ShiVa Asset Store – Introduction Docs

To become a seller, you have to create a Customer Account first: User Account Docs
Then, apply for a seller account and wait until your account has been approved. This is done by hand, so please excuse a little waiting time. Seller Account Docs

Preparing your Assets

To ensure the quality and accessibility of the store and its contents, we have assembled a number of 3d asset, packaging and binary guidelines.

Everything Legal

To make the ShiVa store a pleasant experience for everyone, binding legal documents are a necessity not only for us, but every user and seller.
Terms of Service: Read the Terms on our Store Website
Provider Agreement: Read the Provider Agreement on our Store Website
Appendix 1: Read the Appendix 1 on our Store Website
Do you want to be a part of the ShiVa seller family? Prepare your content today and be one of the first to offer your STEs!

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