Voodoo Dice Lite for iPhone – ShiVa Engine

Voodoo Dice Lite for iPhone

Voodoo Dice, The Ubisoft-published game developed using ShiVa, was launched this week. Customers can try out four full levels of the game for free, rather than the 60-level version of the full iPhone version.

Exkee, the French studio which came up with the idea for Voodoo Dice and developed the game, called on ShiVa to make the process of developing for six platforms simultaneously easier, quicker and more efficient.

As development on Xbox and Nintendo Wii neared completion, the programmers at Exkee realized that they would need additional support to bring the game to the full complement of target platforms which included iPhone, PSP and PC.

Toni Doublet, managing director of Exkee, says of his experience with ShiVa: “For prototyping, or for a full multi-platform development, ShiVa 3D is a simple, powerful, and fast tool.”

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